Bali Ceremony

Koman is our craftsman and production manager in Bali. He invited us to the ceremony he performed for his children in the town of Kintamani. Bali is known as the island of the gods, there you can stumble upon a temple on every corner. Everyday life is impregnated with religiosity.

Virtually all acts of life have and need a ritual to ask the gods. In addition to the daily offerings in the form of flowers and sometimes a little food.

The ceremony is accompanied by a priest. At the Pontong gigi ceremony, exciting music is played on the traditional instrument, leading the priest into a luminous trance, from which he will bless the colorful offerings (made by numerous village women) with holy water and reciting mantras. Following the Balinese tradition, each person has the obligation to perform the pontong gigi for their children. Pontong gigi is a family affair and can therefore only be attended by invitation.

Our team of craftsmen enjoyed the tooth sanding ceremony called POTONG GIG I. All Balinese have to perform this ritual before they die to drive away evil spirits.

My mother traveled with me to Bali and was able to see how work and another way of life can be combined.
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