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Bone and Peridot boho moon pendant
Bone and Peridot boho moon pendant

Bone and Peridot boho moon pendant


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Silver 92 /Silver 92 Gold plated
Bone and Peridot boho moon pendant
Medium measures 25mm
This cute little luna pendant is set with a mini bright peridot gemstone surrounded by a hand carved cow bone crescent moon. These silver and silver golden platted necklaces give a unique and effortless boho look that can be worn day and night! Each of these little bone crescent moons takes around four days to hand carve with tiny little dentistry tools.

Here are some healing benefits of peridot.

It is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. , wear Peridot jewelry and attract love into your life when you place it near your heart. When you're basking in the glow of Peridot, feel the love of the universe protecting your heart . Like a goddess as a young girl, channel your free spirit as it exists in nature, . Meditating with the Peridot crystal properties shines a bright light on your journey of spiritual renewal and the discovery of new horizons.