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The Heart Chakra Mala & Bracelet - AnamasGypsy
The Heart Chakra Mala & Bracelet - AnamasGypsy
The Heart Chakra Mala & Bracelet - AnamasGypsy

The Heart Chakra Mala & Bracelet


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 Heart Chakra The fourth chakra is at the center of the seven chakras below  This is the area where physical and spiritual meet. The fourth chakra, also referred to as the heart chakra, is located at the center of the chest and includes the heart, The Sanskrit word for the fourth chakra is Anahata, which means “

When your heart chakra is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and you accept others and yourself. A closed heart chakra can give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others.

This Bracelet beads & Mala is made of 6 mm Rudraksha and, QUARZ Green Gems stone and silver beads measures . It is best used for meditation, praying, or to obtain peace.

Each bracelet is made with great attention to detail, and is built to last.
Since mother Earth is the only real maker we know, we use only natural, genuine semi-precious gemstones.

Love bracelet Anahata Chakra is also known as the Heart Chakra. This chakra is concerned with forgiveness and compassion, unconditional love for which we accept another for doing their best. Essentially, this chakra helps in developing true self-respect.

- GREEN governs the HEART chakra.
Green chakra relates to love/self love

This bracetet bead is traditionally used as a tool for mantra chanting and meditation. Today we also wear them as yoga jewellery and healing .


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